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 Species List

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PostSubject: Species List   Species List I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 5:53 pm

Just so you know what to expect of other species, and what they expect of you. This way no one is confused. This list may update, so keep an eye on it.


Legend :

[ Humans ] - The typical Human. No abilities nor powers. The slaves and 'food' to everyone else.

[ Cyber ] - Cyborgs, Androids, Robotic like creatures sometimes completely. They are programed to function better then humans. but because they are man made they do have flaws.

[ Vampires ] - fangs, blood and energy sucking beings, not all are sensitive to the sun light. they lurk in dark places and are not often are nice.

[ Demons ] - Hellish creatures that come from the depths of Hell it self. Not even the ninth Naraka wants these beings and so they now dwell among us.

[ Gods ] - As it says, a Being so High and mighty above a Human they have powers and abilities that marvel normal man.

[ Angels ] - The Creatures from Heaven not all are Fallen but merely here to observe. They are akin to have holy attributes and stick sometimes close to the religion they were donned from.

[ Children ] - The off spring of the ones damned to live here in Rotten World.

[ Sirens ] - A water creature that have gills. They are fish like water type creatures.

[ Teens ] - A bit older then the child, some here have to fend for them selves and many are sometimes more mature then many adults. But some are still helpless as a new born.

[ Kitsune ] - A small fox demon that is very playful and happy. They are usually tricksters in nature. And tend be free will creatures.

[ Dragons ] - large reptile beats that have wings of magic in their very genes.

[ Mixed Breeds ] - A nice cocktail blend of any selection you see here.

[ Shape Shifters ] - beings that have the ability to change into just about anything. but sometimes that is not such a good thing.

[ Faes ] - Small winged men and women that have powers according to a proper element that is accustom to their traits of their region they were manifested from.

[ Nekos ] - Cat like creatures with feline ears and tails. They have a tendency to be very innocent or very whorish depending on where they came from. Some are very happy ads other are more so naive.

[ Werewolves ] - Men and women that can change into wolves or very very big ones. They can transcend from one form to the other and the process if very painful. They are like massive canines.

[ Bird ] - feather winged bird like creatures, men and women alike. They have flight as an ability by default.

[ Mutants ] - The damned here, those hurt by nuclear radiation and deformed in some cruel way. Those left on the out skirts of the city to try and grow accustom to the world that has little to no vegetation on it. They were once Human, and some were not that fortunate. they hide in the day time and scurry the city by night just to find shelter and food.
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Species List
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