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 Who is Who?

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Co Admin

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Who is Who? Empty
PostSubject: Who is Who?   Who is Who? I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 5:20 pm

In this area we place who is who. So we can keep track of who plays what character and what face claim they use for that character. This will be updated by staff each time a new character is registered and a player alerts us.

CHARACTER NAME - FACE CLAIM (Person in images you use to represent your character)


Asagi - Asagi (D)
Keishi - Hayato (BLOOD)

|| KAO - CO - ADMIN ||
Zect Iron - Tooru Nimura
Jubei Ma - Kaoru Niikura
Vicious Saito - Tatsurou (Mucc)
Selia Ma - (Random Image)
Vortex Anrii - Iori (Phantasmagoria)

|| MIKARU ||
Yume Lightfeather - ??
Mikaru Crosszeria - Mikaru of Dio
Snow Black Rose - ??
Croix Du Margot - Daisuke of The Sound Bee HD
Draga Yuna - Kyo (DEG)
Amun-Ra Crosszeria - Eros of XodiacK

|| RYOGO ||
Angelica Neferet - Ciara Harris
Thalia Houston - Alicia Keys

Sherman Nasu - Sherman Chung
Karina Nasu - ??
Lotus Way - Matsuda Shota (?)
Haruka Amamiya - ??
Shin Amamiya - ??
Schatten Karl - ??

|| KARASU ||
Kain J. Ma - Kyo (DEG)
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Who is Who?
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