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 The Rules of this forum (MUST READ)

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The Rules of this forum (MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of this forum (MUST READ)   The Rules of this forum (MUST READ) I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 5:18 pm

General Rules:

1) You must show respect to all members of this forum.

2) Do not bash, hate or try and personally harm anyone verbally here. This will result in your account being suspended for three days and or an account deletion!

3) We are all mature here, I hope. And I hope that everyone will not try and get along. If you do not like someone keep it to yourself!

4) Keep drama at the log in page! DO NOT bring OOC drama into ROLEPLAY! I repeat, do not bring drama to role play here on this web page!

5) No power playing and God mods! This means no one can have a perfect character! Just no, it is boring.

Chat Box Rules:

1) Do not advertise your web page in OUR chatbox. It's stupid, and it will be deleted asap. DO NOT do it. Just don't we have a section for guests to advertise, then Advertise there. it's not hard to do for those that want to affiliate.

2) Keep things rated PG - 13 in the chat box! NO sex in the chat box, and not extreme cussing/swearing with fowl language. You wanna do all that kind of thing please take that to personal messages. Not in the chat box, guests who may want to join can view that.

3) No ooc drama in the chat box.

4) Keep role playing in the chat box to a minimum. This is so if new people have any questions they can ask. Please do not flood the chat box with role play. Thank you.

Role Play Rules:

1) BEFORE you do anything, you must register first! you have too. In order to play here.

2) Next, you must make an application. As long as you list what is required. Once you are accepted, (Usually immediately) then you can role play. If you are having trouble making an application, please do not hesitate to ask the staff team to help you.

3) When you are done with your application please go to the Who is Who topic and post what characters you are playing as here. Each character MUST have a separate account. No Multi profiles in one account.

4) There is no posting limit here, but we expect no one word replies. please, this si a role play forum, designed to help others improve in role playing. Not cripple it.

5) Sex, Gore, rape and other other mature themes like extreme language and or taboo situations must have 'MATURE' in the title of your topic. not everyone here wants to read that. So , we use labels. Very simple.

6) Please keep OOC talk within these symbols: (( )), {{ }}, [[ ]]

Like this: (( Hey Greg! ))

This way we can tell the IN character discussions from the role play ones.

7) When in role play and the character speaks to another please use these symbols: " " it is easier to tell when someone is speaking this way instead of thinking it is all an action sentence.

8.) If someone is bullying you, trying to get your personal information and or trying to make you feel uncomfortable, TELL the staff team immediately. And that person will be handled. This is a safe and fun environment and we do not want anyone to feel unwanted and or out of place here. if anyone Pm (Personal Message) You asking things, and you do not wish to tell them, please tell the Staff Team. And it will be handled immediately.

9) You can make as many characters as you like, but please do not have like ten muses and you can not control them. We will remove inactive accounts.

10) Activity! If you are going away for a fer days please say so in the Absences topic and let us know. This way no ones account gets removed or deleted. However logging in and out does not count as being here. You must actually make replies to topics!

11) You have one week (7 days) to make a reply. There is no rushing here. please make sure to make replies at least three times a week. Just to keep things nice and active. You do not have to pot right away or everyday. Relax, and have fun.

12) Please keep in mind we have users here form all over the world. And as such not many of the users here know English very well. And so their role plays may be a bit limited. It is deeply encouraged to try and help these players here and to guide them into a fun forum to role play. I expect my USA Users above all else to be under the best behavior possible., This also applies to the other countries as well.

13) If your character speaks a different language please place subtitles in the topic. This way those that do not speak that language can understand better.

14) Have fun here! ^_^

15) To show you have read these rules, place sign in this topic below. Saying 'I have read and understood these rules and regulations.' Your application will not be approved until this is done first.

16) YOU ARE NOT allowed you kill ANYONE character without permission from the other player! NO NO NO! It is only acceptable if you are doing a plot!

17) Things like Rape, enslavement and anything else, PLEASE confirm it with the other player first!

18) Please make sure to read the profile of the other character you are playing with. This way you know what may go on. BUT just because4 you have read their information this does NOT mean that your character knows this. please keep this in mind. Your character can not know all things!
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The Rules of this forum (MUST READ)
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